Thursday, November 13, 2008

XM Radio, Sirius unveil new Sirius XM Radio lineups

Sirius XM Radio, the pay-radio marriage of the two former satellite services, formally combined their program lineups Wednesday.

Some channels from each service went away in the merger, with Sirius and XM Radio subscribers each getting new channels from the other service. Some channels will be moved and/or re-named.

Sirius XM said there will be no increase in the subscription fee or need to change or upgrade existing radios for the basic service, but that doesn't include the "Best of" packages.

XM subscribers will have to pay extra if they want a "Best of Sirius" package with such premium draws as Howard Stern, Martha Stewart Living, Playboy, NASCAR and the NFL. Sirius subscribers will have to shell out more for a "Best of XM" lineup that includes Oprah Winfrey's Oprah & Friends, the NBA, the NHL the PGA and The Virus, which is home to Gregg "Opie" Hughes and Anthony Cumia.

Among the Sirius channels going away are Movin' Easy, Punk, Sirius Disorder, The Strobe, Boombox, Backspin and Universo Latino. XM channels being retired include XM Sports Nation, the Weather Channel, XMX, X-Country, Fungus, Rhyme, Raw, Beyond Jazz, Fine Tuning, The System, Chrome, Viva, Aguila, Caricia.

E! Entertainment Radio is going away for each service's subscribers.

New channels for XM include Elvis Radio, Bruce Springsteen's E Street Radio, “Little Steven” Van Zandt’s Underground Garage and Outlaw Country, Jimmy Buffett's Radio Margaritaville, Jamie Foxx's The Foxxhole, Eminem's Shade 45, NPR Now, Blue Collar Radio, Cosmo Radio, Catholic Channel, Doctor Radio, BBC Radio One, World Radio Network, The Coffeehouse, Faction, Jam On, The Grateful Dead, Underground Garage, Hair Nation and, as of Jan. 1, The Bridge.

New channels for Sirius include Sporting News Radio,'40s on 4, '90s on 9, The Loft, Willie Nelson's Willie's Place, enLighten, B.B. King's Bluesville, Escape, Cinemagic and Sirius XM Book Radio ,which XM subscribers have known as Sonic Theater.

Sports talker Chris "Mad Dog" Russo's Mad Dog Radio will launch soon for all subscribers, Sirius XM said.

The new lineup for Sirius can be found here. The new XM lineup can be found here.

Sirius XM Radio Inc., which was created in July, earlier this week said its third-quarter losses totaled $4.88 billion after recording a sizeable charge connected to a decline in its stock.

The company earlier this month said it expects to end this year with 19.1 million subscribers and next year with 20.6 million subscribers. The economic slowdown, particularly its its effect on auto sales, has hurt its growth.



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