Thursday, December 20, 2007

Modded Jensen NVX225 GPS: Update! New Pics!

I just purchased the Jenson NVX225 on black Friday. Got if for $139.99. I thought it wouldn't be that good since it was so cheap. I was wrong, it's great. It does everything I need it too.

Product Description
- 3.5" color touch screen
- 1GB flash memory with full U.S. mapping
- 1.6 million points of intreset (POIs)
- Turn-by-turn voice prompts
- Built-in rechargeable Li-Polymer battery
- Cradle with built-In speaker
- Includes mounting bracket and car adapter

I put mod in the title because it's changing it from it's intended purpose. I put a media player and shortcut to explorer. Now I can use my gps as a video or mp3 touchscreen player. I tested with my digital camera SD card and it worked fine. It even played a quicktime short video. I also changed the gps menu skin a little. I'll post some how-to's later. Check out the pics.

Update: New pictures. Improved POI icons (old ones were black and white) and look. My friend just bought the Garmin nĂ¼vi 200. He compared it to mine and took it back and purchased the same one I had and wanted me to put the mods on his. Now he's happy. I have now uploaded the mod. I'll keep it here as long as I can. Feel free to share. Just please link back to me.

Download Jensen NVX-225 Mod - instructions included. If you have any questions, just leave a comment. This doesn't include the multimedia mod - you can google for that.

Click play button to play.


Hey, I came upon this through a search and added the update, which is awesome and I def appreciate it. However, can you fill me in on how to edit the POI so I can put in ones that I want? Thanks.

I'll add a tutorial shortly. It's pretty easy.

Hey, thanks for the info. I'll have to wait for the tut as well. I can't seem to import the existing POI to the explorer. I can add and edit the POI in the My POI folder but that's it. Any information if there are updated US maps?

I just got this GPS yesterday. I was looking around the internet and saw your blog and tried to mod the GPS. For some reson, when I try to overide the file in \MyFlashDisk\, I get a shared error message (A application is useing the file). How do I get past this?

Thanks in advance :-)
~Joshua Carroll

First I would backup the file. Then you can rename it to Then it should allow you to copy the new file over and to delete the

Hi, does the mod work with Vista? It won't let me open the "iGo" file (plus a few other ones), I have to pick a program to open it in.

Refer to for help. It may answer some of your questions.

is there a update for this gps or can i put in other software it will mot show my street or address.

There are no updates at this time that I know of.

Hey man, I can not find anywhere to purchase a Jensen, know where I can get one? Google can be your best friend.

I accidentally erased the GPS software on my NVX225. Can you do me a huge favor and upload a copy of yours?
Much appreciated in advance,

I no longer have the software for this gps. I've since switched to Navigon 2100 max since my Jensen died on me.

This mod saved me, I accidentaly deleted my main file. replaced everything with this, then did a restore of my backup POI's and good as new and a litle better.

Thanks again!

Hello man!!

so thanks about your files, I want to know where can I find maps around the world, and how to upload it to my jensen navigator system.?

i have a audiovox nvx266 it keep giving me message saying fatal error occured restarting what should i do need help

I have this unit for two years, I'm happy but here is the question, I am planning a trip arround south america, is there any software or download for south american roads??? thnx for the info

I came upon this while searching concerning my Jensen NVX225. I have not used it for while and now it will not connect to the satellites...Suggestions?

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