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Monday, April 28, 2008

New Meedio Theme I made

New theme I made for Meedio based on XBMC Vince skin.

Most Recent Version = 0.1

Download from OpenMaid

Exclamation720P only Exclamation

The Vinci M is an elegant theme is based on the Vinci XBMC skin.

Recommended Plug-ins Get Plug-ins
-meeMusic Jukebox - Alternative Music Jukebox Module
-meeBusy - Shows a 'busy' animation when Meedio is, er, busy
-Weathered - New Weather Importer
-AllMovieSynopsis - Import The Best Movie Details Available
-IMDBmee - Download movie descriptions and cover art (module)
-IMDBmee2 - Import Movie Descriptions and CoverArt
-SilenceMee - pause/resume music when re-starting or playing video
-Various Tools - Various tools to complete Meedio
-OpenMaid - apply updates and add-ons
-NightTrailorImporter - Import apple movie trailors
-MovieTrailers VBNET - download movie trailers to folder
-Playmee - use alternate video player, mount ISOs, play intro and movie trailers
-Quiktime Movie Player - Quicktime movie player
-meeTVshows - tv show menu for tv series

Background Setup
Go into the Meedio configuration and setup backgrounds for your modules. Backgrounds are located in Vinci/images/background folder.

Weather on Main Screen
To get the weather to work on the main screen, open "Full-time-plugins" in your Meedio Configuration. Select datafeeds server and make sure both boxes are checked. Open "datafeeds edittor" and add "Name=Weather", "Section=Weather", "Starting ID=0", "Interval=30" and select "Cycle between Values". Save as "feeds" in "General/Plug-ins/Datafeeds Server" directory. Make sure datafeed server is checked in your full-time plug-ins.

If you use Sun and Moon info in Weather - this only applies to v1.5 and higher
1. Delete or rename weather.screen located in Perception theme folder.
2. Rename the "WeatherWithSunMoonInfo.screen" to weather.screen

Is used for some of the Music datafeeds.

Font Size
Depending on your resolution, you may need to adjust your font size. It's in the customize options.

Refer to Perception theme for detailed instructions on the rest of the setup. Click here.

Download from OpenMaid

Updates - 0.1 4/28/08
-initial upload
-added movies background
-changed some icons
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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Got my website Up.

Well, I got my website up and running. I just use the free geocities.com that limits how much traffic I have. If it exceed the hourly limit, just come back in a little while. I seriously doubt I will get that much traffic. Go and check it out.

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Friday, April 4, 2008

Pirates of the Caribbean serves as inspiration for $30,000 home theater

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Just in case a space aged home theater with rotating seats wasn't enough to get your mental wheels a-spinnin', this Pirates of the Caribbean-themed venue is sure to rejuvenate the flow of creative juices. Assembled, painted and pieced together over the course of 12 months, the Konolds' hand-built theater is truly a masterpiece sir Walt would be proud of. With painting, souvenirs and even a few whiskey barrels ripped straight from the hit trilogy (and fancied up with a bit of personal style), the 16- x 27-foot area is a sight to behold. Head on down to the read link to find out exactly how far $30,000 and a little imagination can go.
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Report: Microsoft and Yahoo executives meet again

Microsoft and Yahoo executives took another run at trying to ignite formal merger talks this week, but failed to kick it into gear, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal.

Apparently, Microsoft says no dice to raising its buyout bid and Yahoo remains hesitant to open its books ...

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

SnapStream television search, now with BearCheck™

[cross-posted from the SnapStream Enterprise Blog]

Background: SnapStream’s Enterprise TV Server is currently be used by television stations for “airchecks”. An aircheck is the process by which a television station records and searches past television broadcasts for the purposes of competitive intelligence, research, and FCC compliance. Today, April 1, 2008, SnapStream is announcing an exciting new addition to its television search technologies!

SnapStream Media Launches Enterprise TV with BearCheck™ Technology

Remove the fear of watching TV by automatically being alerted to bears on the screen.

Houston, April 1, 2008- SnapStream Media, Inc. announced today the addition of the patented BearCheck™ technology to its Enterprise TV Server solution. In addition to recording and searching over 3000 hours of television across 10 tuners, the Enterprise Server can now detect and alert the viewer to the presence of bears on the screen. Handy for organizations that have an unusual aversion to the pictures of bears, BearCheck™ takes all of the worry out of the TV viewing experience.

Available as a free upgrade to all Enterprise TV servers, BearCheck™ may be available for download in the future.

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