Monday, December 31, 2007

How to add mass POI to Jensen NVX-255

Let the fun began.

1. Download the software. iGo POI Explorer
2. Plug GPS to computer and transfer the iGO.db file to your computer. It's located MyFlashDisk/iGo folder. BE SURE TO BACK THIS UP.
3. Select File/Import/iGO Database From File (offline) from iGo POI program.
4. Select your iGO.db file from where ever you saved it. Any POI that you have saved on your GPS will be displayed.
5. Go to a POI website like POI Factory (need free membership) and download the POI's that you want. I will use Advance Auto Parts for example. Download Advance Auto Parts.csv file.
6. In the POI software go to File/Import/POIs From File and change the "file of type" to "CSV POI file". Advance Auto Parts.csv file.
7. Now the POIs should show up. You may have to select that folder and drag it on iGO POI Database. (That's what I had to do) Once there, you can drag it to what order you want.
8. Nows the fun part. Select File/Export/iGO Database To File (Offline)and select the same iGO.db file then hit save. It won't let you save to a different file. (That's why you back it up) Here is the fun part. Sometimes I have to move my folders around and keep hitting export until it saves. This program is still beta. I would start out adding one folder (CVS file) at a time and hit save to make sure it works.

Good luck. I'll remind you one more time. BACK UP YOUR IGO FILE!


I got the file to save, but then when I tried overwriting the current iGO.db file on the flash disk, it just gives me an error saying device has been disconnected/not responding. Any help with this?

Try a different file. I get that message sometimes. I just switch my folders around and they eventually work.

From Jon

I got the file to save, but then when I tried overwriting the current iGO.db file on the flash disk, it just gives me an error saying device has been disconnected/not responding. Any help with this?


You need to exit out to the main menu on the Jensen to overwrite the file.

Ok, I think I got it to work finally after messing with it for a bit, one other thing though... Is it possible to put the POI on to the SD card to maybe increase the speed?

As of now just adding like 5-6 POI the unit seems sluggish upon start up and takes quite a while to get going.

I don't think your able to do that. The GPS doesn't know that the file is on a SD card. Most of the time I just keep my GPS in standby. Once you get the POI that you want on there, there really is no need to restart all that often.

Ah ok gotcha.

Just wondering, have you updated your maps at all?

I tried to add a new one and I got the popup when I started my gps saying maps were locked, so just curious as to whether you know of any places to get around this?

Thanks again though, really appreciate the help!

They don't have any new maps for the Jensen NVX-225. I konw the iGo has new maps, but the file is larger than what the Jensen will hold. I tried and got the same error as you. I look at it this way, how often are new streets added. And you mostly use the gps for trips and vacations. You'll also notice that the Restaurants change often too and there is no way to delete the ones standard on the GPS. They are built into the map.

I have this same GPS System but have a severe problem... i found an updated map online somewhere but cant remember where after trying to update the map i come up with some map files are locked it was then that i realized that i had overwritten the original file without backing it up... this makes my gps useless now... can someone send me the original texas map file for this model gps Jensen NVX255. i would really hate to have used this thing for 3 days and have to throw it away.

ALWAYS BACK-UP BEFORE MODIFYING. I won't be able to help you. My Jensen quit working and I've upgraded to the Navigon 2100 max.

Damn, I thought i had backed up the file but appearently i had not. I have been searching for hours looking for something. looks like im going to have to trash it. i live in texas so this is pointless without a texas map.

Any ideas on how i can unlock the map i do have?

I have no clue on how to unlock maps. I've never been able to get an other maps to work. You may find someone on some other forums that can send you the file you need.

Well thanks anyway man, I have only been able to find one forum about this particular model, seems like other people have been able to unlock the GPS unit itself, surly someone will have the file ( I hope)

Thanks again.

is there anywhere or anyone you might know that has a backup of the files for the NVX225. I deleted the info and now my GPS is a paper weight. any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

my email is


Thanks for these instructions. They worked for me.

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