Monday, September 5, 2011

Flipboard, Your Social Magazine.

flipboard review
Since the first time launching a few years ago, apple iPad has a lot of great application that produced by many App vendors. one of the most interesting App for iPad is Flipboard.
Flipboard is social magazine app that able to display content of websites, blog, social magazine feeds, article, image and video uniquely like a conventional printed magazine. Flipboard is not a new App for iPad because this App already runs since 2010 and until this article created Flipboard entering to the version 1.5 and still one of exclusive application for iPad.
With simple interface and ease use of operation, and capability exclusive content support from various of website, online magazine, and popular blog makes this application become “must have” App for iPad user. And also support from social media website like a Facebook, twitter, linkedin and others makes more interesting, just imagine all the content from your most favorite blog and your social media timeline Facebook and Twitter displayed and packaged at the one display with beautiful flip effect.
For everyone that hobby to browse, read the article from website or blog, you should try this app, you will feel very comfort, have a better browsing experience. It’s sounds like advertorial post, but this is what i really feels using this app :D
And the good news is until now this app is still free. Yep still free! You can download this app flipboard at here
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My addition: I trying out flipboard on a friends iPad and it's one of the best apps I've seen.  Read everything like a book.  I hope they bring this to the HP Touchpad and webOS.


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