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Sunday, December 28, 2008

For anti-virus I recommend Avast

If your tired of paying for an anti-virus program and want a free one, I recommend Avast. To get the free edition all you have to do is simply download, install and register on Avast.com and they'll email you a key that's good for a year. At the end of the year all you have to do is register for another key. I've been using Avast Anti-virus for several years without any problems. Here is some more info.

All-inclusive and comprehensive protection FREE avast! antivirus Home Edition includes ANTI-SPYWARE protection, certified by the West Coast Labs Checkmark process, and ANTI-ROOTKIT detection based on the best-in class GMER technology. No additional purchase is required.

Simple to use and automated Daily automatic updates ensure continuous data protection against all types of malware and spyware. Simply install and forget. We've made avast! as simple to use as possible.

Tried and Trusted With over 60 million users of avast!, you can rest assured that you are using one of the most tried and trusted products in Windows security. We support more Windows versions (from Windows 95 to Vista 64bit) than any other anti-malware product. No matter what system you have, avast! has it covered.

Multilingual avast! Home Edition is offered in over 30 language versions.

Here is a list of features for Avast:

  • Anti-spyware built-in
  • Web Shield
  • Anti-rootkit built-in
  • Automatic updates
  • Strong self-protection
  • Virus Chest
  • Antivirus kernel
  • System integration
  • Simple User Interface
  • Integrated Virus Cleaner
  • Resident protection
  • Support for 64-bit Windows
  • P2P and IM Shields
  • Internationalization


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My Xbox is on it's way back!

I got the 3 rings of death and now my Xbox is repaired and on it's way back. I can't wait to get it back. Too bad I didn't get it back before Christmas.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Microsoft Launches 'Deal of the Week' and 'Friendship is Free' Promos

Deck your Marketplace with loads of content: This week Xbox 360 is kicking off two global 30-day specials to bring great deals on select Xbox LIVE content and even free multiplayer for a list of great games.

Each week one piece of content from Xbox LIVE Marketplace will get a limited-time only discount in the Deal of the Week. Every Monday this month check out Xbox LIVE Marketplace for the featured piece of content. It could be a movie rental, a map pack or even an Xbox LIVE Arcade game. The Deal of the Week is only available for Xbox LIVE Gold members, so if you aren't a Gold member, upgrade today to the service that brings you online multiplayer, access to Netflix in the U.S. and much more. For only about $4 a month*, Xbox LIVE Gold gives you incredible entertainment for an incredible value.

Are you a Silver member wanting to get a taste of the multiplayer experience before upgrading? This month, we are also offering "Friendship is Free," a free multiplayer trial for Silver members. Over the course of this month, multiplayer will be available for all Xbox LIVE members for eight Xbox LIVE Arcade games. The Xbox LIVE Arcade team will open up the multiplayer functionality for "A Kingdom for Keflings," "Aegis Wing," "Bomberman Live," "Hardwood Hearts," "Hardwood Spades," "UNO," "Small Arms" and "Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix" (regional restrictions may apply).

So what are you waiting for? Both the Deal of the Week and Friendship is Free are going on now and will only last the month of December. Xbox.com will have all of the details and will let you know what the new discounted content is each week.

If you are not an Xbox LIVE member, December is the month to join. For only a few dollars a month you and your family can experience all the best gaming and entertainment available.


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