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My New Touchpad and Thoughts

Checkout my new Touchpad review.

Baseball Collector's Dream Site - Zistle.com

Great place to keep track of your card collections online.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

My New Touchpad and My Thoughts

Like probably a lot of you out there I have a new 32 gig HP Touchpad. It's definitely a neat little device and I thought I would give my pros and cons about the device. I've been eying the Tablets for a while now and I had been looking at the Android tablets because they have the ability to use flash. I've played with with IPad and didn't really care about the way they function.

Screenshot of my Touchpad wallpaper.

-ability to use flash
-ease of use
-portability (lighter than a laptop)
-decent battery life (longer than a laptop)
-synergy (syncing different accounts)
-price (can't beat $149 for a 32 gig and $99 for a 16 gig. While supplies last.)
-ease of taking screenshot (power plus center button)
-ease of closing apps (just swipe the card up)
-Facebook app built in

-no SD card slot
-no GPS
-no rear facing camera
-no ability to scroll within a webpage
-lack of apps (we'll see if this will change with time)
-inability to load images to a website with an upload button
-no video output
-no ability to format within email client

Apps I Recommend
-CBS Sports
-Angry Birds
-Angry Birds Rio
-USA Today
-Spaz HD Beta (Twitter Client)
-DoodlePool HD
-Video Flood HD

Apps I Would Like to See on the TouchPad
-Foxnews App (similar to the the iPad app.)
-Blogger.com App
-Google +
-Google Maps
-Native Youtube App

Overall I am satisfied with the Touchpad. Hopefully we'll get more apps.  I don't see why not with 500,000+ new Touchpad users. Grab one while you can.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Baseball Card Collector's Dream Site - Zistle.com

I know it's been a while since I've posted anything, but I had something I had to share with the world. I had the urge the other week to take a look around on the web and see if there were any websites where you can catalog your baseball (or any card) collection.  I happened to stumble upon a forum that listed www.zistle.com as an alternative website to beckett.com (which charges a fee). I proceeded to zistle.com and my first impression is that the site is awesome.  It's what every card collector dreams of.  Now I don't have to go dig into my collection when I want to know what cards I have.

Zistle.com is an online community built by card collectors.  They have did a great job on the websites design.  It's very easy and simple to use.

Here are some reasons to use Zistle.com

  • Share your cards with everyone
  • Free pricing, real data
  • Automatic wantlist and tradelist
  • Export your data
  • Find new trade partners
  • Built and moderated by collectors
  • Have your whole collection in one place
  • And best of all, it's FREE
Here is a screenshot of my collection.

You can view my collection at http://www.zistle.com/dhrandy

Finding this site even made me want to go out and purchase more baseball cards. I may just revive this old hobby. Go ahead and give it a try.  You won't be disappointed.

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