Monday, November 10, 2008

MediaStream v0.97 Released (10/11/2008)

Thanks to everyone for their feedback on the last release and in this release you should find fixes for most of the issues raised. Additionally we've added an Episode Thumb version of the Wall Stream view, better watched/unwatched info to the TV Shows version of Media Preview and an option for more configurable Lyrics script handling as well as other stuff detailed below. Enjoy

As usual you can download the skin from our website,

The changes since the last release are as follows:

  • Added: Episode Thumb version of Wall Stream view
  • Added: Watched/Unwatched Episode counts to TV Show version of Media Preview
  • Added: Option to change the path to the XBMC Lyrics script
  • Added: Option to hide thumb images in Options Menu (reduces memory usage slightly)
  • Fixed: Vertical position of list in Seasons view
  • Fixed: Vertical alignment of text in buttons
  • Fixed: Vertical aligment of Media Count number text for 4x3
  • Fixed: Width of time labels in Video OSD (so that it works with large times in larger fonts)
  • Fixed: Width of buttons in Media Source dialog so that it also fits with the larger fonts
  • Updated: Widened Context menu for 4x3
  • Updated: Widened buttons in Video OSD Bookmarks
  • Updated: Moved text on Bigger Clock down slightly
  • Updated: German, Spanish, Italian, Greek and French translations

We really need your feedback so please post if you have any comments, suggestions or feedback and we'll aim to deal with them as soon as we can.

PLEASE NOTE: The skin is being developed based on the latest version of XBMC (T3CH release for Xbox and update to date builds for other platforms) so please make sure you have the latest version before posting about any problems



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