Monday, November 3, 2008

MediaStream v0.96 Released (30/10/2008)

It's been a few weeks since the last release as things have been rather hectic for us but we've still been working away on the skin and have hopefully dealt with a number of the issues that have been raised in feedback since the last release.

The biggest noticeable difference in this release is the addition of the new Wall Stream view (which as the name suggests is a wall style view). It currently works best with portrait aspect thumbs or music album covers but we're planning to add support for episode thumbs in a future release.

As usual you can download the skin from our website,

The changes since the last release are as follows:

  • Added: Wall Stream view for widescreen and 4x3 (currently works best with portrait posters and album covers)
  • Added: Option to hide info area in Wall Stream view
  • Added: Chinese (Simple) translation
  • Added: Music Videos link to Home screen (in Music sub-menu)
  • Added: Coverflow and Wall Stream view to Programs screen
  • Added: Coverflow and Wall Stream view to Pictures screen
  • Added: Alternative font sets (Alt Default, Alt Bigger and Alt Massive) which use the old default font
  • Added: Fade on the left hand side of the RSS area (to mirror the fade that was already on the right)
  • Added: Display of the skin version no. (and SVN revision) to the System Info screen
  • Fixed: Missing background in Settings screens
  • Fixed: Alignment and position of larger clock
  • Fixed: Vertical alignment of text in Media Count
  • Fixed: Height of buttons on Weather screen
  • Fixed: Lining up of reflections in Coverflow for 4x3
  • Fixed: Media Count label for 4x3
  • Updated: Colour of text in the RSS feed (to make it easier to read)
  • Updated: Version of included XBMC Lyrics script
  • Updated: Removed the blue AM/PM from the clock (until we can sort out the alignment issues that happen with single digit hours)
  • Updated: File Path in video info dialogs now auto scrolls
  • Updated: Video OSD layout so thumb is shown on right if plot is hidden
  • Updated: Font to work better with foreign chars (thanks to haken)
  • Updated: Path for lyrics script so it should work better on all platforms
  • Updated: Tidied up positioning of star rating image in video info dialogs, TV Wide view and Episodes view
  • Updated: Darker fade behind Yes/No dialog to make it easier to read text in dialog
  • Updated: Skinned the XBMC Lyrics UI to be more MediaStream-like
  • Updated: Overlay for Media screens (default theme) to be slightly more transparent

We really need your feedback so please post if you have any comments, suggestions or feedback and we'll aim to deal with them as soon as we can.

PLEASE NOTE: The skin is being developed based on the latest version of XBMC (T3CH release for Xbox and update to date builds for other platforms) so please make sure you have the latest version before posting about any problems



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