Monday, March 31, 2008

CE Pro hands out suggestions for HDMI

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CE Pro gives HDMI suggestionsCustom installers and everyday consumers don't always have the same requirements for A/V gear. As we've mentioned before, HDMI has had some problems, but it is taking off. Follow the "read" link to get CE Pro's suggestions on what HDMI can do to help win over installers; we've got a feeling the proposed changes would make Joe and Jane Six Packs alike happy, too. We'll start off with our biggest HDMI pet peeve -- captive/locking connectors! Simply put: HDMI needs 'em. Next up, the major teething problems associated with HDMI versions 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 seem to be behind us and 1.3 seems to be a stable spec; the task at hand is to spread this info among installers (especially ones who were bitten by earlier version problems). To CE Pro's list, we'd add that all the various flavors of HDMI-CEC need to be brought under control -- when units like the Onkyo TX-SA606X get singled out for interoperability, it means lots of consumers aren't enjoying any ease of use. What would you like to see in the HDMI spec?
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