Sunday, March 30, 2008

The real reason it took so long to crack BD+

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Down with DRMWhen SlySoft announced last week that it'd finally unlocked BD+ content, it got a lot of news coverage -- even some in the mainstream media. But what didn't get discussed was the fact that SlySoft didn't get it done by the end of 2007, as previously promised. Well Ars took the story one step closer and among other things uncovered the real reason -- no it wasn't because it was so 'hard' -- it took so long. Peer van Heuen, SlySoft head of HD technologies said in a post that "it was decided for strategic reasons to wait a bit for the outcome of the 'format war' between HD DVD and Blu-ray." We bet Macrovision wished it'd waited a bit longer before dropping $45 Million purchase on another piece of useless DRM.
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