Monday, March 24, 2008

Now Available Beyond TV 4.8

In the latest Beyond TV 4.8 release users will enjoy new features such as saved guide searches, frame-by-frame playback, access control, and warning e-mail notifications.

Saved Guide Searches: Love Will Ferrell movies? Want to make sure you catch them on TV? Now you can input keywords of your favorite actors, sports team, or TV show genre and have Beyond TV e-mail you the next time they appear on TV, or simply have it auto record. (In case you’re wondering how conflicts are handled, auto-recordings from saved guide searches are added at the lowest priority to your recording schedule.)

SGS Email

Saved Guide Search results e-mail (this one is on Will Ferrell)

Upcoming Recordings

Saved Guide Search results automatically added to Upcoming Recordings.

Warning Notifications via E-mail: Configure your Beyond TV to notify you via e-mail whenever an error has occurred to your machine. Avoid missed recordings, by instantaneously solving computer hiccups as they occur.

Warning Email

Warning Notifications E-mail

Frame-By-Frame Playback: Paused recordings can be advanced by single frame with the arrow keys for a more detailed review. Now you can watch in amazement as the Mythbuster’s gang explode their contraptions frame-by-frame.

Access Control: Beyond TV now supports the creation of user accounts with restricted privileges. Activities like watching recordings, watching live TV, scheduling recordings, and changing settings can be access-controlled on a user-by-user basis. Using access controls, you can monitor what and how much TV your kids watch, by restricting Live TV and allowing them only to watch recorded shows recorded by you.

Access Control Permissions

Beyond TV’s new access control makes it so you can give different users, different levels of permissions.

Restricted View

Here’s what the web admin looks like to a user who only has permission to watch recordings.

Recording Stats: Better manage your storage capacity with at-a-glance recording stats, including average hours per day of recordings, based on your recording schedule.

Recording Stats

Recording Stats in Beyond TV

In addition to the new features, we’ve made the following improvements to make recording and watching television more manageable.

Sort Recorded Library: Simply hit the O button on your keyboard while viewing Recorded Shows in Viewscape and sort all recorded shows by name, original air date, or date recorded in ascending or descending order. This improved feature is useful when trying to watch past seasons in release order.

Sort Library

Sort Recorded Library

Way Faster Scheduler: The recording scheduler is now 10 to 20 times faster than before. Any use of the program guide such as scrolling, deleting/adding new jobs, forcing/blocking recordings, and changing job priorities will result in a smoother and quicker output.

For a complete list of new features, bug fixes, and improvements check out the release notes.

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