Monday, January 18, 2010

Closed my computer business

I opened my computer business last year to combat not having a job. I was laid off Christmas of 2008 and went without a job for several months. I then decided to open a computer repair business call G Whiz PC Repair. This was the first business I have ever owned and I enjoyed. I got an opportunity later in the year to take a full-time job making a lot more money than I was making in the computer business and took it. For a little while I was doing the computer business part-time and working a full-time job. I then bought a house and moved a little further away from where I was working full-time. With the drive home from work I decided to close the computer business. It was a tough decision because it was something I enjoyed doing. I just thought I'd share my story.

RIP G Whiz PC Repair


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I pretty happy with the position I'm in right now. Thanks for the info.

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