Tuesday, October 7, 2008

MediaStream v0.94 Released

The major change this week is to switch around the themes in the skin so that the Richer theme is now the default theme and there's a new lite theme which you can use if you're having memory issues running the default one.

If you're using the Xbox we highly recommend using the lite theme as it'll be more responsive and will work much better with the tight memory constraints that the Xbox imposes

We've also made Media Preview style views availalble for TV media and did a bit of a tidy-up of the skin options. There's been quite a few posts over the last few weeks where users couldn't find relevant options so hopefully it should be a bit easier now.

As usual you can download the skin from our website, http://www.teamrazorfish.co.uk/mediastream.html

The changes since the last release are as follows:

  • Added: Option to hide No Thumb images
  • Added: New lite theme
  • Added: Seek Slider to Video OSD
  • Added: Create Episode Bookmark button to Video OSD
  • Added: Media Preview view for TV Shows & Seasons
  • Added: Media Preview view for TV Episodes
  • Fixed: Music Vis to work in 4x3
  • Fixed: Coverflow view to work better in 4x3
  • Updated: Removed Richer theme as this is now the default theme
  • Updated: Tidied up the Skin options to make them a bit easier to find
  • Updated: Made sure episode thumbs are shown in projector screen area if option is enabled and default tv background is visible
  • Updated: Tidied up height of dialog buttons
  • Updated: Widened buttons in Add Source and Plugin Settings dialogs
  • Updated: Swedish, Portuguese, Greek, Polish and Dutch translations


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