Friday, September 5, 2008

HTPC Software Thread -

I posted this over at a while back. I thought I would put this here to help people out.

PVR, DVR, HTPC, Media PC and Media Box is pretty much all the same thing. Here is a definition from wiki.

"A home theater PC (HTPC) or media PC is a convergence device that combines the functions of a personal computer and a digital video recorder. It is connected to a television or a television-sized computer display and is often used as a digital photo, music, video player, TV receiver and digital video recorder."

All it is is a computer hooked up to a TV with additional hardware such as: TV tuners, extra storage and usually a IR or RF receiver with remote control।


DVR - Windows
-Windows XP Media Center Edition link
-Windows Vista Home Premium or Ultimate link
-Meedio 1.41 and Meedio Ultimate (free) (I use this for front-end) link
-SageTV (Windows, Mac, and Linux) link
-ShowShifter link
-SnapStream Beyond TV (I use this) link
-GB-PVR (free) link
-MediaPortal (free) link
-AverMedia Center (for use with AverMedia card) link

HTPC Software (without DVR) - Windows
-Nero Home link
-Xlobby link
-Got all Media (free) link
-Beyond Media link
-WinDVD Media Center link
-iMEDIAN (also known as iMon) link

-Entertainer (in development) link
-Mythbuntu link
-Mythdora link
-GeeXbox link
-KnoppMyth link
-LinuxMCE link
-MythTV link
-Freevo (Python) link

-EyeTV link
-Front Row link
-Apple TV link

Video/DVD Players - Windows
-Zoom Player (I use this) link
-VLC (I use this for streaming media) link
-Windows Media Player link
-DivX Video Player link
-RealPlayer link
-Power DVD link
-InterVideo WinDVD link
-TheaterTek link
-AVS DVD Player link
-Media Player Classic link
-The KM Player link
-Gom Media Player link

Blue-Ray and HD DVD Playback - Windows
-Powerdvd 6 link
-Intervideo WinDVD link
-ArcSoft TotalMedia™ Theatre link

IPTV or Internet TV - There are many Internet TV sites out there. Here are the most poplular.
-Veoh link
-Joost link
-Hulu link
-Babelgum link

Other Links
-Unofficial Meedio Thread - by me
-My old HPTC Setup
-My new HPTC Setup
-TV Shows info, coverart and banners
-Movie info and coverart

I will add more as I find them. If you find more I'm not aware of, feel free to post it here and I'll add them. Please report broken links.
HTPC Software Thread - -
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