Wednesday, January 2, 2008

If you listen to music, you need

I feel a little guilty. While waiting for Congress to decide the royalty-fee fates of beloved Internet-radio services such as and Pandora, I discovered newcomer Slacker—and suddenly I'm not so worried about the other guys. Slacker is Web radio done right, combining custom and prefab stations with an elegant interface and top-quality streaming. What's more, the company's business model promises to let the music play on regardless of the new royalty rules, at least according to Slacker reps. That model includes two in-the-works revenue sources: a paid subscription for ad-free content and a cool-sounding portable player (more on that later).

PC Magazine

The name is deceiving. It's anything but slacking. is an awesome internet radio service. I have downloaded the desktop application on 2 of my PCs. You can use the desktop application or just use the browser at It's the best internet radio I have used. You can create your own stations and it will play artist that sound similar. If you don't like an artist, you can chose to never hear that artist again. I found out about it when I seen an article in a PC magazine(not the article above). You should give it a try. You won't regret it.


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