Monday, August 4, 2008

Jensen NVX225 Mulit-Media GPSMod

This is for the people that requested it. I didn't right this so I won't be able to answer any questions about it. As I posted before, my Jensen stopped working and I'm upgrading to a Navigon 2100 max. Good luck with your Jensens. A link to the forum this is located at is at the bottom.


OK I got one of these units from for $160 or so. Following the instructions here with some improvement I have managed to hack the NVX225 to allow explorer and media player access from the main menu.

As normal use at your own risk, this is what I did to the best of my recollection:

1) Install Active Sync From the companion CD to my PC.

2) Copy off IGOPATH.TXT from \MyFlashDisk

3) Changed the IGOPATH.TXT to add an explorer button

Settings = "icons/settings.bmp", "settings", 1
Navigate = "icons/logo.bmp", "\\MyFlashDisk\\iGO\\igopna.exe"
Explorer = "icons/files.bmp", "\\Windows\\Explorer.exe"

4) Downloaded TCPMP 0.81RC1 from:
And copied to an SD card on my PC

5) Remove SD Card from PC, Insert Into NVX225 and Restart the NVX225 using the slide seitch on the side.

6) Double click the new explorer button and go to SDMMC to find the .CAB file and Double click it. This installes the Media Player to Program Files, the problem with this is when I turned off the unit by the slide switch it would disappear. So....

7) Copy the PLAYER folder from the \Programs Files\TCPMP Media Player 0\ to your PC.

8) Copy it back to MyFlashDisk (Fortunatly there is 14MB left on the internal flash and the Media player is only 6MB or so.)

9) Re-Edit the IGOPATH.TXT so that it now looks like:

Settings = "icons/settings.bmp", "settings", 1
Navigate = "icons/logo.bmp", "\\MyFlashDisk\\iGO\\igopna.exe"
Explorer = "icons/files.bmp", "\\Windows\\Explorer.exe"
Multimedia = "icons/media.bmp", "\\MyFlashDisk\\PLAYER\\PLAYER.exe"

10) Re Upload IGOPATH.TXT file to the NVX225 and restart the device using the slide switch on the side.

You should now have a working media player. I have tested with FLAC, MP3, JPEG slide show and a short video and they all seem to work OK.


Try as I might I could not get the Player to work fully when placed on the SD Card. It would run if I double clicked it from explorer but I could not get the Button on the Menu to work from the SD Card.

I also placed the C310 utilities programs (see higher in this thread for link) and most work fine from explorer (Rotate, Screen and a few others fail)

Some of the above C310 Utilities also overflow the screen

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i still can't get the gps to play mp3 or grt the button on my screen. where canni get updates for red light cameras i live in winnipeg manitoba any help would be great


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